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Randall Koll is a San Francisco-based psychic specializing in intuitive readings. Randall is a graduate of the Clairvoyant Training program at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco and Reverend in the Church of Natural Grace.

An intuitive reading can provide clarity and insight into the energy, patterns, and belief systems that are shaping your life's issues. General readings (typically one to two hours) focus on specific questions regarding issues you are currently working on. Specialty readings concentrate on a particular area of interest—money, career, business, relationships, house, health, and other topics. All readings end with a healing—which will help you process the information from your reading on both a spirit and a body level.

Readings in San Francisco or over the phone. Contact Randall to schedule a reading or for more information.

Randall has an amazing way of making change for the better seem possible; after the reading,
I felt hopeful and that I had some constructive ways to move forward.
J Misuraca, Sonoma, CA